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> Our Clients

Live Digital have had the pleasure of working with some of the best small and large companies around Australia.

Abbeys Bookshop

Live Digital - Abbeys Bookshop

Abbeys Bookshop Display Screens

Abbeys Bookshop Digital Sigange

Abbeys Bookshop Digital Displays

Adventure Megastore

Live Digital - Adventure Megastore

Adventure Megastore Display Screens

Adventure Megastore Digital Sigange

Adventure Megastore Digital Displays

Alliance Real Estate

Live Digital - Alliance Real Estate

Alliance Real Estate Display Screens

Alliance Real Estate Digital Sigange

Alliance Real Estate Digital Displays

AMJ Properties

Live Digital - AMJ Properties

AMJ Properties Display Screens

AMJ Properties Digital Sigange

AMJ Properties Digital Displays

Asia Pacific Stock Exchange

Live Digital - Asia Pacific Stock Exchange

Asia Pacific Stock Exchange Display Screens

Asia Pacific Stock Exchange Digital Sigange

Asia Pacific Stock Exchange Digital Displays

ASF Group

Live Digital - ASF Group

ASF Group Display Screens

ASF Group Digital Sigange

ASF Group Digital Displays


Live Digital - Attractivity

Attractivity Display Screens

Attractivity Digital Sigange

Attractivity Digital Displays

Australian Government

Live Digital - Australian Government

Australian Government Display Screens

Australian Government Digital Sigange

Australian Government Digital Displays

Australian Property Choice

Live Digital - Australian Property Choice

Australian Property Choice Display Screens

Australian Property Choice Digital Sigange

Australian Property Choice Digital Displays

Baird Real Estate

Live Digital - Baird Real Estate

Baird Real Estate Display Screens

Baird Real Estate Digital Sigange

Baird Real Estate Digital Displays

Bankstown Sound

Live Digital - Bankstown Sound

Bankstown Sound Display Screens

Bankstown Sound Digital Sigange

Bankstown Sound Digital Displays

Barry Plant

Live Digital - Barry Plant

Barry Plant Display Screens

Barry Plant Digital Sigange

Barry Plant Digital Displays

Bathla Group

Live Digital - Bathla Group

Bathla Group Display Screens

Bathla Group Digital Sigange

Bathla Group Digital Displays

Baulkham Hills Fish Market

Live Digital - Baulkham Hills Fish Market

Baulkham Hills Fish Market Display Screens

Baulkham Hills Fish Market Digital Sigange

Baulkham Hills Fish Market Digital Displays

Begetis Estate Agents

Live Digital - Begetis Estate Agents

Begetis Estate Agents Display Screens

Begetis Estate Agents Digital Sigange

Begetis Estate Agents Digital Displays

Belle Property

Live Digital - Belle Property

Belle Property Display Screens

Belle Property Digital Sigange

Belle Property Digital Displays

Benchmark National

Live Digital - Benchmark National

Benchmark National Display Screens

Benchmark National Digital Sigange

Benchmark National Digital Displays


Live Digital - Bentham

Bentham Display Screens

Bentham Digital Sigange

Bentham Digital Displays

Bentons Real Estate

Live Digital - Bentons Real Estate

Bentons Real Estate Display Screens

Bentons Real Estate Digital Sigange

Bentons Real Estate Digital Displays

BME Group

Live Digital - BME Group

BME Group Display Screens

BME Group Digital Sigange

BME Group Digital Displays

Capital 1

Live Digital - Capital 1

Capital 1 Display Screens

Capital 1 Digital Sigange

Capital 1 Digital Displays


Live Digital - CBRE

CBRE Display Screens

CBRE Digital Sigange

CBRE Digital Displays

Century 21

Live Digital - Century 21

Century 21 Display Screens

Century 21 Digital Sigange

Century 21 Digital Displays

Chicken Feast On Dalley

Live Digital - Chicken Feast On Dalley

Chicken Feast On Dalley Display Screens

Chicken Feast On Dalley Digital Sigange

Chicken Feast On Dalley Digital Displays

Chisholm & Gamon Real Estate

Live Digital - Chisholm & Gamon Real Estate

Chisholm & Gamon Real Estate Display Screens

Chisholm & Gamon Real Estate Digital Sigange

Chisholm & Gamon Real Estate Digital Displays

City Recital Hall

Live Digital - City Recital Hall

City Recital Hall Display Screens

City Recital Hall Digital Sigange

City Recital Hall Digital Displays

Civic Video

Live Digital - Civic Video

Civic Video Display Screens

Civic Video Digital Sigange

Civic Video Digital Displays

Clear Skincare Clinics

Live Digital - Clear Skincare Clinics

Clear Skincare Clinics Display Screens

Clear Skincare Clinics Digital Sigange

Clear Skincare Clinics Digital Displays

Coastline Agency

Live Digital - Coastline Agency

Coastline Agency Display Screens

Coastline Agency Digital Sigange

Coastline Agency Digital Displays

Coco Rico Rotisserie

Live Digital - Coco Rico Rotisserie

Coco Rico Rotisserie Display Screens

Coco Rico Rotisserie Digital Sigange

Coco Rico Rotisserie Digital Displays

Costi Brothers Seafoods

Live Digital - Costi Brothers Seafoods

Costi Brothers Seafoods Display Screens

Costi Brothers Seafoods Digital Sigange

Costi Brothers Seafoods Digital Displays

Commercial Portfolio Management

Live Digital - Commercial Portfolio Management

Commercial Portfolio Management Display Screens

Commercial Portfolio Management Digital Sigange

Commercial Portfolio Management Digital Displays


Live Digital - Cuscal

Cuscal Display Screens

Cuscal Digital Sigange

Cuscal Digital Displays

DC Shoes

Live Digital - DC Shoes

DC Shoes Display Screens

DC Shoes Digital Sigange

DC Shoes Digital Displays

Destination Southern Highlands

Live Digital - Destination Southern Highlands

Destination Southern Highlands Display Screens

Destination Southern Highlands Digital Sigange

Destination Southern Highlands Digital Displays

Doltone House

Live Digital - Doltone House

Doltone House Display Screens

Doltone House Digital Sigange

Doltone House Digital Displays

Domain Direct Real Estate

Live Digital - Domain Direct Real Estate

Domain Direct Real Estate Display Screens

Domain Direct Real Estate Digital Sigange

Domain Direct Real Estate Digital Displays


Live Digital - Elders

Elders Display Screens

Elders Digital Sigange

Elders Digital Displays

Ella Rouge

Live Digital - Ella Rouge

Ella Rouge Display Screens

Ella Rouge Digital Sigange

Ella Rouge Digital Displays

Fergusson Real Estate & Property

Live Digital - Fergusson Real Estate & Property

Fergusson Real Estate & Property Display Screens

Fergusson Real Estate & Property Digital Sigange

Fergusson Real Estate & Property Digital Displays

First National

Live Digital - First National

First National Display Screens

First National Digital Sigange

First National Digital Displays

Fort Street High School

Live Digital - Fort Street High School

Fort Street High School Display Screens

Fort Street High School Digital Sigange

Fort Street High School Digital Displays

Frank Knight

Live Digital - Frank Knight

Frank Knight Display Screens

Frank Knight Digital Sigange

Frank Knight Digital Displays

Gavan Property

Live Digital - Gavan Property

Gavan Property Display Screens

Gavan Property Digital Sigange

Gavan Property Digital Displays


Live Digital - Greencliff

Greencliff Display Screens

Greencliff Digital Sigange

Greencliff Digital Displays


Live Digital - Harcourts

Harcourts Display Screens

Harcourts Digital Sigange

Harcourts Digital Displays

Harvie Group

Live Digital - Harvie Group

Harvie Group Display Screens

Harvie Group Digital Sigange

Harvie Group Digital Displays

Hocking Stuart

Live Digital - Hocking Stuart

Hocking Stuart Display Screens

Hocking Stuart Digital Sigange

Hocking Stuart Digital Displays

Hokka Hokka

Live Digital - Hokka Hokka

Hokka Hokka Display Screens

Hokka Hokka Digital Sigange

Hokka Hokka Digital Displays

Hotel Stellar

Live Digital - Hotel Stellar

Hotel Stellar Display Screens

Hotel Stellar Digital Sigange

Hotel Stellar Digital Displays

Hunter Estate Agents

Live Digital - Hunter Estate Agents

Hunter Estate Agents Display Screens

Hunter Estate Agents Digital Sigange

Hunter Estate Agents Digital Displays

IDP Education

Live Digital - IDP Education

IDP Education Display Screens

IDP Education Digital Sigange

IDP Education Digital Displays

Head Academy Kung Fu

Live Digital - Head Academy Kung Fu

Head Academy Kung Fu Display Screens

Head Academy Kung Fu Digital Sigange

Head Academy Kung Fu Digital Displays

Killara High School

Live Digital - Killara High School

Killara High School Display Screens

Killara High School Digital Sigange

Killara High School Digital Displays

Kore Property

Live Digital - Kore Property

Kore Property Display Screens

Kore Property Digital Sigange

Kore Property Digital Displays

L & L Orthodontics

Live Digital - L & L Orthodontics

L & L Orthodontics Display Screens

L & L Orthodontics Digital Sigange

L & L Orthodontics Digital Displays

Lazaris Real Estate

Live Digital - Lazaris Real Estate

Lazaris Real Estate Display Screens

Lazaris Real Estate Digital Sigange

Lazaris Real Estate Digital Displays

LH Brown Real Estate

Live Digital - LH Brown Real Estate

LH Brown Real Estate Display Screens

LH Brown Real Estate Digital Sigange

LH Brown Real Estate Digital Displays

LJ Hooker

Live Digital - LJ Hooker

LJ Hooker Display Screens

LJ Hooker Digital Sigange

LJ Hooker Digital Displays


Live Digital - Lovisa

Lovisa Display Screens

Lovisa Digital Sigange

Lovisa Digital Displays

MacLeay College

Live Digital - MacLeay College

MacLeay College Display Screens

MacLeay College Digital Sigange

MacLeay College Digital Displays

Main Street Real Estate

Live Digital - Main Street Real Estate

Main Street Real Estate Display Screens

Main Street Real Estate Digital Sigange

Main Street Real Estate Digital Displays

Management Express

Live Digital - Management Express

Management Express Display Screens

Management Express Digital Sigange

Management Express Digital Displays

Mandarin Centre

Live Digital - Mandarin Centre

Mandarin Centre Display Screens

Mandarin Centre Digital Sigange

Mandarin Centre Digital Displays

Maroubra Seals

Live Digital - Maroubra Seals

Maroubra Seals Display Screens

Maroubra Seals Digital Sigange

Maroubra Seals Digital Displays

Massage Harbour

Live Digital - Massage Harbour

Massage Harbour Display Screens

Massage Harbour Digital Sigange

Massage Harbour Digital Displays

Mcdonald Real Estate

Live Digital - Mcdonald Real Estate

Mcdonald Real Estate Display Screens

Mcdonald Real Estate Digital Sigange

Mcdonald Real Estate Digital Displays


Live Digital - Meriton

Meriton Display Screens

Meriton Digital Sigange

Meriton Digital Displays


Live Digital - Mingara

Mingara Display Screens

Mingara Digital Sigange

Mingara Digital Displays

Mint Property Agents

Live Digital - Mint Property Agents

Mint Property Agents Display Screens

Mint Property Agents Digital Sigange

Mint Property Agents Digital Displays

Morrison Kleeman

Live Digital - Morrison Kleeman

Morrison Kleeman Display Screens

Morrison Kleeman Digital Sigange

Morrison Kleeman Digital Displays

Mortgage Navigators

Live Digital - Mortgage Navigators

Mortgage Navigators Display Screens

Mortgage Navigators Digital Sigange

Mortgage Navigators Digital Displays

Murray Kennedy

Live Digital - Murray Kennedy

Murray Kennedy Display Screens

Murray Kennedy Digital Sigange

Murray Kennedy Digital Displays

Nexus Property

Live Digital - Nexus Property

Nexus Property Display Screens

Nexus Property Digital Sigange

Nexus Property Digital Displays

Nicholson Property

Live Digital - Nicholson Property

Nicholson Property Display Screens

Nicholson Property Digital Sigange

Nicholson Property Digital Displays

Nirvana Beauty

Live Digital - Nirvana Beauty

Nirvana Beauty Display Screens

Nirvana Beauty Digital Sigange

Nirvana Beauty Digital Displays


Live Digital - Nitrogenie

Nitrogenie Display Screens

Nitrogenie Digital Sigange

Nitrogenie Digital Displays

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club

Live Digital - North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club Display Screens

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club Digital Sigange

North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club Digital Displays

Northside Orthodontics

Live Digital - Northside Orthodontics

Northside Orthodontics Display Screens

Northside Orthodontics Digital Sigange

Northside Orthodontics Digital Displays

NSW Teachers Federation

Live Digital - NSW Teachers Federation

NSW Teachers Federation Display Screens

NSW Teachers Federation Digital Sigange

NSW Teachers Federation Digital Displays

One Agency

Live Digital - One Agency

One Agency Display Screens

One Agency Digital Sigange

One Agency Digital Displays

Onside Property

Live Digital - Onside Property

Onside Property Display Screens

Onside Property Digital Sigange

Onside Property Digital Displays

Park Properties

Live Digital - Park Properties

Park Properties Display Screens

Park Properties Digital Sigange

Park Properties Digital Displays

Pendle Hill Meat Market

Live Digital - Pendle Hill Meat Market

Pendle Hill Meat Market Display Screens

Pendle Hill Meat Market Digital Sigange

Pendle Hill Meat Market Digital Displays

Porsche Australia

Live Digital - Porsche Australia

Porsche Australia Display Screens

Porsche Australia Digital Sigange

Porsche Australia Digital Displays

Poulos Brothers

Live Digital - Poulos Brothers

Poulos Brothers Display Screens

Poulos Brothers Digital Sigange

Poulos Brothers Digital Displays

PRD Nationwide

Live Digital - PRD Nationwide

PRD Nationwide Display Screens

PRD Nationwide Digital Sigange

PRD Nationwide Digital Displays

Prestige Property Group

Live Digital - Prestige Property Group

Prestige Property Group Display Screens

Prestige Property Group Digital Sigange

Prestige Property Group Digital Displays


Live Digital - Professionals

Professionals Display Screens

Professionals Digital Sigange

Professionals Digital Displays

Property Express

Live Digital - Property Express

Property Express Display Screens

Property Express Digital Sigange

Property Express Digital Displays


Live Digital - Quiksilver

Quiksilver Display Screens

Quiksilver Digital Sigange

Quiksilver Digital Displays

Raine & Horne

Live Digital - Raine & Horne

Raine & Horne Display Screens

Raine & Horne Digital Sigange

Raine & Horne Digital Displays

Ray White

Live Digital - Ray White

Ray White Display Screens

Ray White Digital Sigange

Ray White Digital Displays

Red Service

Live Digital - Red Service

Red Service Display Screens

Red Service Digital Sigange

Red Service Digital Displays

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre

Live Digital - Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre Display Screens

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre Digital Sigange

Reggio Emilia Early Learning Centre Digital Displays

Reside Real Estate

Live Digital - Reside Real Estate

Reside Real Estate Display Screens

Reside Real Estate Digital Sigange

Reside Real Estate Digital Displays

Rolld Vietnamese

Live Digital - Rolld Vietnamese

Rolld Vietnamese Display Screens

Rolld Vietnamese Digital Sigange

Rolld Vietnamese Digital Displays

Rowley Estate Agents

Live Digital - Rowley Estate Agents

Rowley Estate Agents Display Screens

Rowley Estate Agents Digital Sigange

Rowley Estate Agents Digital Displays


Live Digital - Roxy

Roxy Display Screens

Roxy Digital Sigange

Roxy Digital Displays

Salesian College

Live Digital - Salesian College

Salesian College Display Screens

Salesian College Digital Sigange

Salesian College Digital Displays

Serene Dental

Live Digital - Serene Dental

Serene Dental Display Screens

Serene Dental Digital Sigange

Serene Dental Digital Displays

Signature Property Group

Live Digital - Signature Property Group

Signature Property Group Display Screens

Signature Property Group Digital Sigange

Signature Property Group Digital Displays

Skyview Plaza

Live Digital - Skyview Plaza

Skyview Plaza Display Screens

Skyview Plaza Digital Sigange

Skyview Plaza Digital Displays

Smithfield RSL

Live Digital - Smithfield RSL

Smithfield RSL Display Screens

Smithfield RSL Digital Sigange

Smithfield RSL Digital Displays

South Sydney Graphics Artists Club

Live Digital - South Sydney Graphics Artists Club

South Sydney Graphics Artists Club Display Screens

South Sydney Graphics Artists Club Digital Sigange

South Sydney Graphics Artists Club Digital Displays

Southern Plumbing

Live Digital - Southern Plumbing

Southern Plumbing Display Screens

Southern Plumbing Digital Sigange

Southern Plumbing Digital Displays


Live Digital - SSP

SSP Display Screens

SSP Digital Sigange

SSP Digital Displays

Starr Partners

Live Digital - Starr Partners

Starr Partners Display Screens

Starr Partners Digital Sigange

Starr Partners Digital Displays

Stockdale Leggo

Live Digital - Stockdale Leggo

Stockdale Leggo Display Screens

Stockdale Leggo Digital Sigange

Stockdale Leggo Digital Displays

Strike Bowling

Live Digital - Strike Bowling

Strike Bowling Display Screens

Strike Bowling Digital Sigange

Strike Bowling Digital Displays


Live Digital - Superdry.

Superdry. Display Screens

Superdry. Digital Sigange

Superdry. Digital Displays

Sweeney Estate Agents

Live Digital - Sweeney Estate Agents

Sweeney Estate Agents Display Screens

Sweeney Estate Agents Digital Sigange

Sweeney Estate Agents Digital Displays

Tiffany Plaza

Live Digital - Tiffany Plaza

Tiffany Plaza Display Screens

Tiffany Plaza Digital Sigange

Tiffany Plaza Digital Displays

Town And Country

Live Digital - Town And Country

Town And Country Display Screens

Town And Country Digital Sigange

Town And Country Digital Displays

Visit NSW

Live Digital - Visit NSW

Visit NSW Display Screens

Visit NSW Digital Sigange

Visit NSW Digital Displays

Waverley Council

Live Digital - Waverley Council

Waverley Council Display Screens

Waverley Council Digital Sigange

Waverley Council Digital Displays

Yong Real Estate

Live Digital - Yong Real Estate

Yong Real Estate Display Screens

Yong Real Estate Digital Sigange

Yong Real Estate Digital Displays

YPA Real Estate

Live Digital - YPA Real Estate

YPA Real Estate Display Screens

YPA Real Estate Digital Sigange

YPA Real Estate Digital Displays