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Take advantage of the expanding market for through window/glass touch screen applications with the ViP Interactive Foil. Our through glass touch screen foil technology is ideal for upgrading existing through window rear projection and LCD displays to create a through window touch experience. The ViP Interactive foil has no external components so the installation is completely safe and vandal proof.

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Interactive or display directories suit all types of businesses, from financial institutions to law firms, IT companies to Multi-Level Office Towers. For visitors arriving in an unattended foyer, using our directory can make it a breeze to find you, searching by individual names or companies. Our directory products can suit from anywhere to 10 - 100,000 individuals or companies

Becoming more and more prevalent in our homes, work and retail environments, touch screens is here to stay. Live Digital can provide you with the best hardware suited to your specs as well as specialised software ideally engineered with latest screens in mind. From 19 to whopping 82 inch screens, we have a vast array of screens for you to choose from. This solution is a fantastic way of getting your message across and retaining your potential clients on your premises.

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