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Many corporations, financial institutions, local and federal government, universities and transportation centres are realising the benefits of incorporating a digital signage solution. The benefits to these types of organisations are nearly limitless, because every organisation has a need to communicate to an audience in the most effective and powerful way possible. Digital signage is also a great medium for retail, office lobbies and even elevators.

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Live Digital has helped numerous organisations incorporate digital signage through our installation services. Using our staff of professional licensed installers, we complete an extensive site survey to develop a digital signage solution that fits the need of our clients. State-of-the-art equipment is then integrated with the space with minimal impact on the existing structure. In the end, a digital screen is ready to display your content, everything from news, to advertisements and directories and information. Live Digital has an installation team to cater for any digital signage solution from small cafe menu display to multi-national networked solutions.

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