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> Solutions

Displaying the very latest offers and information at the point of sale or in public transportation has become indispensable for increasing customer satisfaction and acquiring new target groups.

> Food Services & Menus

As your patrons come in to enjoy great food and drink, let Live Digital satisfy their visual appetites.

> Retail

Live Digital retail signage solutions can enhance the customer experience while improving ROI.

> Education

Achieve campus-wide connectivity through a single point of access.

> Real Estate

Live Digital's real estate window displays has changed everything for the local real estate office.

> Travel

Live Digital's display solutions have all the key elements of a good digital display system at an affordable price.

> Corporate

Send a clear, powerful branding message through corporate videos with Live Digital's signage solutions.

> Infoboards & Directories

Empower your visitors with easy access to interactive, wayfinding maps and feedback kiosks.

> Leisure & Entertainment

Let Live Digital's signage solutions advertise for you at major venues and public gatherings.

> Hospitality

Promote new offerings. Inform your guests about new promotions, package deals and holiday specials.

> Interactive

Take advantage of the expanding market with Live Digital's touch screen solutions.