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The growing trend within the cafe and restaurant market is to replace traditional marketing methods with digital technology, allowing them to have the edge over the competition via the power of digital marketing via digital menu boards.

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As your patrons come in to enjoy great food and drink, let Live Digital satisfy their visual appetites with our Digital Menu Boards. Our display solutions for restaurants can make a visual statement to add a level of refinement and distinction to your establishment.

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  • Allow you to post changes to your menu almost instantaneously. If you're running low on stock or need to push an item that isn't selling, it's easy to make immediate updates.
  • Control energy costs. Displays can be programmed to turn on and off according to your restaurant's hours.
  • Create dynamic menu boards that will attract customers and achieve the impact you want.
  • Schedule your menu boards to automatically change from breakfast menu to lunch menu, then again to the dinner menu.
  • Build your brand image and enhance the quality of the customer experience.
  • Click on the photo to cycle.