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Cut through the clutter and simplify your messaging with the sleek digital offerings of Live Digital's Infoboard solutions. Information can be dynamically displayed through video and sound, making the most of your message and your investment. Through our user-friendly, web-based software, you can instantly change admission prices, information alerts and last-minute promotions - without the hassle of putting costly orders in for printing and shipping. Empower your visitors with easy access to interactive, wayfinding maps and feedback kiosks.

With Live Digital's Infoboard solution visitors are met with an accommodating message and impression from the moment they enter the door. Guests can see their names and company logos on welcoming signs and signs outside meeting rooms sending a highly professional signal with a personal touch.

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Our software flexibility makes it easy to list an overview of meetings and other activities of the day. Adjustments can be made by a click of a button and sent to each individual screen, always keeping guests and employees up to date.

Live Digital's Infoboard allows you to guide visitors to the right in-house destination in an easy and efficient manner. Movie clips and news tickers can run on the screens alongside or independently of other information. Live Digital's Infoboard can be operated from any PC and at any user level in the organisation. A personal password authorises access to a particular user level. All users utilise similar templates giving relevance and uniformity in usage and in screen presentations.

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